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Founded in 2003, Winter Cabin Books has been the exclusive publisher of Michigan author, historian and storyteller, C. Fred Rydholm (1924 – 2009) – most notably, Superior Heartland: A Backwoods History (Vols. I and II; 1989) and Michigan Copper: The Untold Story (2006).

Due to their immense popularity, both titles are out-of-print but can occasionally be found in smaller independent bookstores as well as on the secondary market. While there are no immediate plans to bring either title back into print, we live in a digital age which Fred could hardly have imagined! Who knows what the future may bring?

Meanwhile, please scroll down for information about other up-and-coming titles!

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Please access the Books tab at the upper right for information about poet Kathleen M. Heideman’s Psalms of the Early Anthropocene (2017).

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