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Psalms of the Early Anthropocene

by Kathleen M. Heideman
Marquette: Winter Cabin Books, 2017

cover-psalms-of-the-early-anthropocene  kathleenheideman_photobychristinesaari

“While a nickel mine boomed in the near distance, these words were fed blueberries, bathed in starlight, swatted with a birch vihta, sand-scrubbed, and rinsed in icy water from a red handpump. Within hours, they were howling.”

Poet Jonathan Johnson (author of In The Land We Imagined Ourselves) writes, “Kathleen Heideman’s poems are fierce in their affections for wilderness, painterly in their observations, and steadfast in their companionship. Now that the great Jim Harrison has left us, I can think of no poet who knows better or writes more truly the back-country character of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In Psalms of the Early Anthropocene the fox, the vole, the white pine, the mossy trail, the aspen and the otter all have a ‘prodigal daughter’ and their new speaker.”

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